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N26 Bank Review: US Launch

Aktualisiert: Jan 8

N26 (formerly named Number 26) is a German FinTech company that was founded in 2013. They first launched in Europe as a banking alternative for frequent international travelers. Their mobile banking solutions are convenient, innovative, and slash international transaction fees by up to 90 percent. While expats and travelers were their initial demographic, their technology is disrupting the banking industry and attracting the attention of all demographics who are looking for a better way to bank. They have over 4 million customers counting and just launched in the United States. Here’s my honest first-hand N26 bank review.

HERE you can open your free N26 account in just 5 minutes.

N26 Bank Review: Account Features

N26 is a completely mobile banking experience, managed through the N26 app. This means you can open your account from any mobile phone with a secure internet connection. It’s a change of pace, but think about it, how often do you go to the bank anyway? Without bank branches there’s less overhead, empowering N26 to be a fully transparent bank with no account fees and no hidden fees.

User-friendly Mobile App

You signup and manage all your banking within the N26 app. It only takes 5 minutes to create your account. For your security, your app can only be synced to one mobile phone at a time and you can turn on and off features such as online payments, international payments, freezing your debit card, and more.

N26 has no Hidden Fees

Enjoy fully-transparent banking with no monthly account fees, no hidden fees, and no foreign transaction fees. If anything costs extra, such as out of network ATM withdrawals, the fee is always clearly communicated so that there is never any surprise.

Free Visa® Debit Card

Just like a traditional bank account you will be shipped a debit card that you can use anywhere in the world that accepts Visa.

Free Cash Withdrawals

You will enjoy free and unlimited cash withdrawals at over 55,000 ATMs in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico, and the UK. Just use the app to find your nearest ATM. If you aren’t near a free ATM you will enjoy 2 free out of network withdrawals each month.

Free Direct Deposit

Set up your employer direct deposit just like you would with any other bank and receive your funds up to 2 days early. There is no way to deposit cash or checks but there is a variety of ways to transfer money which we discuss below.

Free Transfers

You can initially fund your account with a free one-time debit card transfer. After that you can add more money by transferring funds to and from your traditional checking or savings account with an ACH bank to bank transfer, using MoneyBeam, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or Zelle.

P2P Payments

Transfer money to and from other N26 online bank users in real-time with MoneyBeam

Sync to Apple Pay

Digital payment processing is on the rise so you can sync your N26 account to Apple Pay.

N26 Bank Review: N26 App

The N26 app is hailed the best mobile banking app on the market today. All banks have apps with a few financial features but N26 takes things to the next level. Here’s a look at some of my favorites:

Automated & Customized Tracked Spending

Every purchase you make will be automatically sorted into categories such as food and groceries, shopping, ATM withdrawals, and more. You can also create custom tags to organize your transactions such as #coffee #diningout #weekend #entertainment, and more. Not only is each category tracked and total, but your spending is visualized so you can see where your money is really going.

Subaccounts: N26 Spaces

Most banks only allow you to have 2 subaccounts, one checking and one savings, but with N26 you can create countless Spaces to manage your money and create financial goals. For example, you might create Spaces to save for the down payment for your car, your house down payment, retirement, new TV, vacation, taxes, and more. You can customize the name and icon for each Space and transfer money to and from your Spaces at any time.

Cashback Deals And Discounts

Cashback deals are typically only reserved for credit cards but your new N26 debit card comes with a variety of perks. Currently, you can save 50% off rides with Lime electric scooters and bikes, up to 15% off cashback on Booking.com, discounts on your next 3 purchases from YOOX and Headout (for purchases over $50), and more.

Is N26 Bank Safe?

The US launch of N26 has many Americans considering switching to a mobile-only online bank, but are they safe? Yes! First, your N26 account is FDIC-insured up to $250,000. The app can only be paired to one phone at a time with secure fingerprint or facial recognition login. Yes, you should only login on secure Wi-Fi. You can set up push notifications to see transactions in real-time. If your debit card is lost or stolen you can immediately lock it in the app—and N26 pays you back with Visa's Zero Liability policy. The app also has a “Discrete” mode feature allowing you to view your account and manage transactions while blurring sensitive data such as your account balance or transaction amounts.

Customer support can be accessed daily from 9 am to 9 pm EST via chat, email, or phone in 5 different languages.

N26 Bank Review: User Experience

As you can see, my N26 bank review is quite positive, but don’t just take it from me. Head online to any major review site such as Trustpilot, Google, Reddit, the App store, and many other reputable review sites. Most give N26 four or more stars, with the top complaints being related to personal preference. The positive reviews speak heavily to the advanced money management features and the decreased costs of banking. Read through both the positive and the negative to determine if it’s the right banking solution for you.

I hope this answers your questions. For some, you may only utilize N26 to reduce your international transaction fees, but don’t count out their innovative technology as a traditional banking alternative. You can even keep your current checking or savings but use N26 for your daily transactions.

I hope this answers your questions. For some, you may only utilize N26 to reduce your international transaction fees, but don’t count out their innovative technology as a traditional banking alternative. You can even keep your current checking or savings but use N26 for your daily transactions.

HERE you can open your free N26 account in just 5 minutes.

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